02 February 2010

The Best Digestif in New York

I was having lunch at the Second Avenue Deli on 33rd Street—matzo ball soup, side of fries, tea, pickle, cole slaw. Finished, I asked for the bill and then left to visit the restroom. When I returned, the bill was there. Also there was a little glass of chocolate-colored foam. "Is this an egg cream?" I asked. Yes, was the reply, "without the milk." (I had just eaten a meat meal.) I downed it in one go, like a whiskey shot. "I don't remember you doing that at the old place," I said. "We didn't," was the answer. "It's new to this place."

Best digestif in town.

FYI, the deli said their expected the new Second Avenue Deli, at First and 75th, to open in the fall, just after the High Holy Days.


Jeff said...

yes! had one after my pastrami there a few weeks ago. it was really tasty- technically a chocolate soda not an egg cream. it made me wish i had ordered a full glass of it to go with my meal instead of dr browns black cherry.

JM said...

But egg creams never DID have milk....I thought you'd react to that faux pas by the waiter!