12 April 2010

Carroll Garden's Coffee Den to Be Coffee/Wine Den

The Coffee Den has been for a few years the primary source of Joe in that section of Carroll Gardens just to the west of the BQE. But a new era is in the works for the tiny cafe at the corner of Hicks and Union. 
The original owners have made an exit, and their former landlord—who owns the building and lives upstairs—has taken over management of the place, in a collaboration with Neil Ganic, the owner of the popular French bistro Petit Crevette just down the block. The shop will continue to serve coffee during the day (though it is switching from Gorilla Coffee to another maker). But—and here's the exciting news—it will become a wine bar at night. This is good news for patrons of the tiny Petit Crevette, which has no liquor license, and has no place to wait for a table other than the sidewalk. 

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