21 April 2010

A Good Sign: Rico's Tacos

Actually, good signs. Lots of them, all mashed up, telling the world of Rico's Tacos in Sunset Park. One sign, however, lets us know that this was once a 1 Hr. Photo place. And if your vision is a little blurry, you may fall under the impression that you've encountered a 1 Hr. Taco joint. I don't care how good the tacos are—they should take an hour to make! (Seriously, I've eaten here and the food is very good.)

Down the street is this little wall painting, pointing the way to Rico's. Like all pigs that help advertise butchers and restaurant, this little porker looks very happy that he's about to be eaten.


Ken Mac said...

walked sunset park saturday. lots of good stuff.

Tinderbox said...

Love the pig sign picture. Happy in the boiling pot!