20 April 2010

Wooden Phone Booth Sighting: Von Westernhagen's

Last week, upon walking into the old Glendale German restaurant Von Westernhagen's my eyes were nearly yanked out of my head by the unexpected sight of a wooden phone booth. Von Westernhagen's is only 46 years old. One doesn't expect a restaurant rounded in 1964 to have a wooden phone booth. A phone booth, yes, but not a wooden one.

Unfortunately, the booth is not is working order. The phone company pulled out the phone some time ago. The restaurant is looking to see the booth.

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Unknown said...

If you are "collecting" wooden phone booths, there are two in the downstairs restroom area of the restaurant called The Park, on 10th Ave btwn 17th and 18th. I think they are functional. As a bonus, the men's room has old-fashioned floor-mounted urinals that I am sure you will appreciate. I am guessing these amenities are original to the space, though the resto itself is very modern. I would be curious to know what it was previously. BTW you don't need to spend time and money there, just walk straight ahead through the entrance, past the bar, to the back stairs.

Anonymous said...

place was just sold