08 April 2010

Nothing on W. 36th Is What It Seems

On the corner of W. 36th Street and Sixth Avenue, there is a pizzeria. It's called Pronto Pizza.

Or so it would seem. But the "Pronto" has been kinda pulled off the sign. And if you look close, there's are small signs taped in the window saying "My Daddy's Pizzeria. Under New Management." Recently change of owner, I guess.

Walk one door to the east and you see a sign for the Hollywood Shoe Repair. Look inside the shop below the sign, though, and you find a common deli.

Next door to the east bears a sign saying Print and Copy Center. Look about the door, however, and you're told this address is the home of Petite Button Inc.

You gotta watch yourself on W. 36th Street.

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Kate @ Manhattan Actress said...

Nice catch. I live around the corner and as far as Pronto Pizza goes, they Health Department shut it down a few months ago and it has since re-opened under new management, hence the (smart) choice in renaming it.

As far as the other two, though, who knows? Laziness?

Great post :)