23 April 2010

Cobble Hill Landmark Destroyer John Quadrozzi Gets Sued by City

The Landmarks Commission is doing right by Cobble Hill landowner John Quadrozzi.

They're suing him.

Anyone who's ever walked down Henry Street in Cobble Hill has seen Quadrozzi's good works. The owner of a few landmarked brownstones, he has willfully let them fall into disuse and disrepair. The disaster he owns at the corner of Henry and Congress (above), built in 1852 and ever in danger of crashing down, has been in scaffolding and netting for forever, blighting the intersection.

According to the Daily News, Quadrozzi claims "unwieldy city bureaucracy has delayed his renovation efforts for years." "It took me over a year and buckets of money to convince them [a wall] might collapse," said Quadrozzi, who bought the buildings in 2000. No doubt, the red tape surrounding landmarks is a pain, but 10 years and you couldn't figure it out? Doubtful. I've talked to Quadrozzi's neighbors over the years, and they always told me similar stories of a neglectful and absent landlord.

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Carl said...

He lives 2 doors up in a building that has no rear windows. Shades are always drawn, access to the staircase is blocked by strollers and stuff, the upper floors are bombed out.