28 April 2010

Crater Candy Store

I had a feeling, looking at it, that Crater Candy Store on 30th Avenue and 31st Street in Astoria, Queens, was pretty old, despite the bright-blue Lotto awning and the typical bodega patina. It may have been the name, which reminded me of the notorious Judge Crater. People named Crater don't found delis anymore, or at least don't name delis after themselves. It's such a 19th-century-sounding name.

I approached and spotted the worn, tile triangle outside the entrance, and my suspicions increased. Then I looked under the awning. Sometimes you can glimpse older signs that were never removed through the cracks in a new cloth or plastic awning. Such was the case here, only it's wasn't a glimpse. You can easily see the entire old sign.

It's a shame they covered it up. They had a beautiful Te-Amo Imported Cigar sign on one side.

And an even better yellow sign on the other side, advertising cold soda, ice cream, magazines and school supplies.

A funny coincidence—kitty corner to this shop is another corner deli, which has also covered up an old sign with a new awning. Their old sign advertised Optimo Cigars. A cigar store rivalry, this intersection once saw.

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IrishNYC said...

There was a great old fashioned coffee shop across 31st Street from this Te-Amo, probably until the late 90's. Always open, coffee always fresh. I don't live in Astoria anymore, but go back often, and I can't remember what's there now. It might be a coffee shop, but it's not the same one, that's for sure.