07 April 2010

Tammany Hall Scions Need to Connect!

What's Lost City good for? Bringing the descendent of corrupt, 19th-century New York power brokers together, that's what!

A couple weeks ago I posted an item about "Big Tim" Sullivan (above, right), who ruled Tammany Hall and New York City politics for most of the late-19th and early-20th centuries. I soon received a comment from Ty Sullivan, Big Tim's great grandnephew!
A week went by. Then the item received another comment. From Robert Wagner, Big Tim's great grandson! We're getting closer and closer to the string-puller himself! Robert wrote: 
I'm a great grandson of Big Tim. Would be interested in speaker to the above poster, Ty Sullivan. Would love to swap stories and photos. Met your aunt, Pat, not too long ago. My e-mail is: RWagner35@yahoo.com.
Ty! Write him! Compare graft anecdotes. (And, please, no one else abuse this info by bothering poor Mr. Wagner. Not unless you've got Big Tim's boozy blood in your veins.)

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