08 April 2010

Henry and Union in the 1970s

Found this shot on a Facebook page dedicated to Carroll Gardens. The intersection of Union and Henry, quite near where I live. Mazzola's Bakery there as always, minus the current ritzy awning and curbside seating. Across the street, the current Francesco's pizzeria—formerly Nino's—looks to be a luncheonette. Nice long, old-style American cars. Metal trash cans, not plastic. Wish I could see what's on the other two corners of the intersection.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out what's right behind the boy in the foreground. It looks like a catcher's chest protector, but it's hard to be sure.


Upstate Johnny G said...

Peter, you might be right. That boy looks like he's wearing baseball pants (gray flannel with red stripe down the outseam) but his shirt looks more like a hockey shirt. What is that near where we can't quite see his hands? Could it be a catcher's mask?

JS_BK said...

Hockey Chest Guard.