30 April 2010

Some Stuff That's Interesting: Last Call Edition

Folks are fighting make private Gramercy Park public. [Curbed]

Say goodbye to SoHo landmark 74 Grand Street. [Curbed]

Also gone: 283-87 Grand Street, which suffered a fire a while back. Bad week for Grand Street. [Bowery Boogie]

147 First Avenue is for the drop as well. Jesus, can we tear down the old buildings any faster? [EV Grieve] Correction: building only getting interior renovations. [Curbed]

Hated Carroll Gardens development 360 Smith Street endangering lives of citizens. [Curbed]

A look at landmarkable Coney Island. [Scouting New York]

Some West Side Eyesores. Do developers build anything else these days? Why can't these be torn down? [Restless]

The Met needs $10 million worth of new fountains. Because it does. [WSJ]

Last Call at Freddy's Bar. [City Room]

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