16 April 2010

Karl Ehmer Loses a Host

Last fall, I was in Glendale, Queens, and saw this charming little deli on Myrtle Avenue, right across the street from the restaurant Zum Stamtisch. As you can see, they feature the meats of Karl Ehmer, which is made right in nearby Ridgewood.

Well, I hadn't been able to get back to the neighborhood until this week, and this is what I found. Closed up. From the looks of the posters in the window, it shuttered right after the Super Bowl. Inside, it's empty. Glendale loses another remnant of its German past.

Here's the saddest part. Look inside the door and you can see the deli was so devoted to Ehmer products that the Ehmer logo was embedded into the floor.

1 comment:

Tinderbox said...

What a shame! That's a cute location.