19 April 2010

Strange History of an Old Sign

Recently, I posted an item about how the old Park Slope sign for the Regio Bakery has been taken down and replaced by an awning for the new Little Buddy Biscuit Company.

The wife of the owner of Little Buddy wrote in to tell me the curious back story on the Regio sign, which I had always thought looked a little odd.

The Regio owners were there for about 20 years, before that it was Regina for at least 40 years. I remember when Regio took over the space because, being a typesetter, I thought it was funny how they simply removed the NA from the original sign and had a sort of similar O slapped up there. A broken G also got replaced by whatever G the sign people had at the time.
My husband is the owner of the new place, Little Buddy. I can tell you that underneath the red metal Regio sign there was a lovely green glass sign with black lettering for an unnamed bakery (at least I didn't see a name, lettering style looked circa 20s-30s). I'd love to give you a photo of it but we never got to see it in one piece. When the sign people came to remove the Regio sign they exposed the older one which was pretty much being held in place by the outer sign. Needless to say large chunks started to break off the wall, crashing down to the pavement, shattering into a thousand pieces. It made us very sad.

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