06 April 2010

That's Kinda Neat

The New York Post notes how some restaurants like the "21" Club, The Palm and Peter Luger still keeps tabs for some steady customers. At "21," there are a whopping 5,000 such accounts. By contrast, Michael's has only six tabs left on the books. Given the tie-policy debacle of 2009, this is a nice reassurance that "21" retains some old-style policies.

The Post publishes another cool, old-restaurant story about the accounts book at Gino, the Upper East Side Italian joint. I've seen this thing. It's a huge, beaten-up, leather-bound monster, full of the names and debts of everyone who's ever eaten at Gino. Among those who have or have had Gino tabs: Frank Sinatra, Gay Talese, Harry Winston, Oleg Cassini and Bernie Madoff (did he pay his tab?). Early entries in the old book feature the hand of original owner Gino Circiello.

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Rose said...

How's the food at Gino's?