19 April 2010

Terrible News in Signs

EV Grieve brings us the grieve-worthy news that East Village landmark restaurant B&H Dairy has traded in its classic, old-school sign and old awning, but a brand new awning and nothing else.

I don't give a damn about the awning—the old one was nothing special. But that "B & H Dairy Lunch" sign was a gem. They better be cleaning it up, not replacing it with some gaudy piece of modern crap.

The wave of cloth awnings, brought on by folks think a new awning is preferable to any old sign, is second only to crapitecture developments, in my opinion, in destroyed the character of this city.


Ken Mac said...

unbelievable. You'd think an old school place like this would "get it." But then, often these places don't care, like owners of 50s Mahoney diners who cover the chrome with mansard siding....ugh.

Lori said...

I hate to say it, but this looks like the work of historic district influence - or something along those lines. Call me paranoid, but there's something behind that other than just wanting to get rid of the sign. Don't think the sign will be coming back? Damn!

I love torties said...

This post is the crassest thing I've read in recent memory that wasn't on the Queens Crap blog.

"Awning Nazi"? Please allow me to point out the obvious: that the proprietor of this (dairy) restaurant is almost certainly Jewish, as are most of his customers. Could you be any more offensive?

Brooks: "They [sic] better be cleaning it up ... or else I'm coming after them."

Spoken like a true Nazi, Brooks.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Hm, torties, I think, in the context, you're right. My choice of words was in bad taste. It was carelessness on my part. I really meant no offense. I've amended the item.