10 March 2007

Better Late Than Never

Took me about eight months to notice that Mr. Souvlaki, the sweet little Greek restaurant on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights, had closed its doors. Guess I don't walk down that street as much as I ought. Still, I'd like to record its passing here. It was a homey, unpretentious place for the Heights, and probably the cheapest sit-down meal on Montague. Their white bean soup was wonderful. Harry and Anna Kilimitzoglou were the owners. Thirty-three years they were at it. Nothing new is there as of yet. The wide blue awning is gone and there is newspaper over the windows. I hear a dentist's office will be going in there. Turnover has always been endemic to Montague. Mr. Souvlaki was one of the steadies. Too bad.

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