03 March 2007

Breaking: P.J. Hanley's Is Open

P.J. Hanley's is back in business.

Spurred by reports that the century-and-some-old tavern was closed for renovations (see below), I paid a visit and, lo and behold, there was life inside!

Without planning to, the owners opened the doors to all comers after three days of closure. "You gotta pay the bills," said one of the proprietors. While drinkers bellied up to the bar, workers busied themselves in the kitchen (no food is being served as of yet) and with carting the liquor from storage and placing it back behind the bar. Some of the kitchen equipment was still out in the open courtyard. Flat-screen televisions were switched on and measurements were taken here and there.

The reconfigured bar area has an airier feeling than before. There are a few small tables and stools scattered about with plenty of room to walk around. The windows provide a clear view of the street and passersby likewise have a clear view of the peoples and goings-on inside.

The room to the south of the bar is not yet finished, and it's not clear what it will be used for. "It's still a work in progress," say the barkeep. "We should have a digital camera for times like this, when we're open, but not yet open," said another worker."

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