17 March 2007

Jade Mountain Memories

Though I posted the news of Jade Mountain's closing almost two months ago, fans and patrons of the old chow mein joint on Second Avenue continue to discover the sad news and occasionally register their dismay through heartfelt comments.

To my amazement, the shuttering of this landmark has still not been covered by the mainstream press. And at this point, it probably won't be. (If the Times doesn't get first crack at news like this, it tends to ignore the entire circumstance altogether.) So, as a balm to those who miss the delightfully crummy decor, the bacon-wrapped butterfly shrimp and, most of all, the glorious, should-be-in-the-Smithsonian neon signs, here are a couple shots taken just a few days before Jade Mountain closed for good.

Enjoy and lament.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The REMAX Real Estate agents have had a crew install a cheap sign over the classic, priceless neon and formed sheetmetal sign of Jade Mountain. It is crudely bolted through and crushing the neon tubes of the original sign. Oblivious dolts.