04 March 2007

Court on Smith

Sometimes I think every building in New York City was put to infinitely more interesting use in the past than it is in the present.

Across from the Carroll Street Stop on the F line is a sad gray stone auto garage. Little about it tells you it was once a temple of entertainment. The building is recognizable from the below photo as one that was employed as the Court Theatre in the 1920s, home of silent films. The movie featured at the time of the photo is "Sailors' Wives" starring Mary Astor.

Why the Court Theatre was on Smith Street and not nearby Court Street, I don't know. The past is full of mysteries.

For the mystery that lies under the Eckerd at Smith and President, click here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've always really liked this building. It feels very heavy and brooding, with it's peeling paint and often-closed garage-doors. A reuse can't be far off though. A good architect and use could make it a fun destination. Hope that's the case.