09 March 2007

Eisenberg's in Pictures

I defy anyone to spend an afternoon at the lunch counter of Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop on lower Fifth, nursing a cup of coffee with a light snow falling outside, and not feel cared for, content and indisputably in New York.

The old luncheonette is a collection of comforting details, many untouched for decades, and, a few days back, while enjoying some matzah ball soup, I captured a few. The service, by the way, was unerringly considerate and easy-going.

The sign says "Why not warm up with a hot bowl of creamy tomato soup?" Take heed, world.


Anonymous said...

Eisenberg's is the best! Was Kenny your waiter?

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Not sure who my waiter was. Shortish gentlemen with a moustache. Just know he was deferential, thoughtful and casual.