16 March 2007

Wooden Phone Booth Sighting: The Ear Inn

This photo sucks, but the rough old Ear Inn on far west Spring Street isn't big on lighting. And they've also got these terrifying "The Ear Inn Is a Cell Phone Free Zone" signs posted everywhere, which made me fear for my life at the hands of the many tough-looking, large-bellied, hard-drinking bar denizens when I briefly took out my phone to snap this shot.

Anyway, it's a genuine wooden phone booth, with a few peculiar features. The folding door collapses in an uneven way, the hinge being set toward one side. The fan inside (all of these booth seem to have ventilation systems) is actually an old, metal fan with three open blades. It spins around at a snail's pace when you flick it on.

But the most intriguing thing about the booth are its tin walls, something I've never seen. (Were they afraid a fire would break out inside?) It's a nice pattern and painted green for some reason. Or maybe that was just the green bulb that is the booth's only illumination.


Susan Navarre said...

Hi, this is an amazing site. I'm inspired to try to do the same thing for Boston. I was looking at your Soho and wooden phone booths posts, and wondering if the Ear Inn is still a bar. I thought it's some kind of jazz non profit: I went there for a jazz show about 10 months ago.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

You should do it!

Manhattanite since birth said...

Actually the embossed tin interiors were common. If I recall correctly, the 2 wooden phone booths that were in Veselka pre-rehabbing had embossed interiors.