13 March 2007

J. Press on the Move

J. Press, the 105-year-old men's clothier on E. 44th Street in Midtown is moving. A sign in the window advertised a "moving sale." Sales clerk Ed said the store would shutter the first week of April and move to new digs on Madison Avenue and 47th Street. "More foot traffic," he said was the reason for the shirt. J. Press, which was born in New Haven on the Yale campus, has been in its current location on E. 44th between Fifth and Madison for 20 years. Before that it was across the street.

The move is probably a good idea. To my mind, J. Press has always been a little overshadowed by its mighty neighbor, Brooks Brothers. That—and the name-recognition-erosion it must have suffered in the '80s and '90s when J. Crew and J. Peterman rose to prominence—must have cut into profits.

A good amount of preppy, Ivy League wear looked to be on sale. For those who like such stuff, come a-running!

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