16 March 2007

A Good Sign: McGovern's Bar

This is the sign outside McGovern's Bar on the western stretch of Spring Street in Soho. Used to be a great old dive. I see now that, though the sign is still hanging, the place is now something called Sway Lounge, which I couldn't give a flying fig about because it's got a cordon and a beefy bouncer and is obviously some trendoid haunt. At least the sign remains. Give it a good stare and move on.


Anonymous said...

Uh, you mean the Western stretch of Spring Street...

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, I do. It's been corrected. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I used to perform there in the late 1980's. It was free and fun to hang out. I stopped going when they started charging at the door.

Anonymous said...

McGovern's was a friendly place to get hammered on cheap beer and hear local bands for free. This was in the late '80s.

I also liked the metallic "nipples" that decorated the facade.

Anonymous said...

I used to bartend there. I'm female and Black, bartended alone nights and acted as the"bouncer" and locked up six nights a week. Mostly longshoremen and printers then - 1985 to '86.
Got to be too much but one of the best experiences I've ever had.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Steve the owner???

Barry V Miller said...

Yes, it's great to find these

comments!! I'm the creator of

the "metallic nipples" on the

facade. The're actually stain-

less steel ladel cups bolted to

form a decorative border, and

weren't intentionally to represent

a human body part. I was also the

the curator for 2 yrs at the Bar/

Gallery '85-'86. I performed at

the venue solo and with a group

called MOONBEAT. I remember fond-

ly the bartender commenter. I don't

recall your name, but you play

flute and were connected to some-

one at Island Records. We had a

bunch of great conversations. Now,

I'm "a real Mainiac!" Best-

Barry V Miller

ted vh said...

Used to go there all the time in the early 90's, great for local bands, especially Little Shining Man. Just had a random thought about thsi place and glad I found your blog!

Anonymous said...

This is the 1st time finding something on McGovern's on Spring St. I have wonderful memories of there--hosting Tues nite open mike for about seven years. A lot of wonderful music happened there. Miss those days, regards, Debi Beryl

doom60 said...

My band, The Current, played there a handful of times in 1988-89. Steve was the manager. Always liked the bar. When we played people would drink, dance, and fight. And it was just out of the way enough to feel a little dangerous. I miss it.