04 March 2007

The Power of Platinum? Wood

Work has continued apace at the northeast corner of 46th Street and Eighth Avenue, future home of the condo tower Platinum NYC, formerly the address of the great corner bar and stagehand hangout McHale's.

The revolting billboards featuring the neo-Nazi, Atlas-like figure pushing a big silver ball are still there. But the Thing That Ate McHale's has begun to reach for the skies. A couple stories of wooden framework have been erected, and there's a crane in place. There was little actual activity the day I checked things out as it has just rained. Have no idea when they're going to be laying on those awesome sheets of platinum on the sides of the tower.

According to a sign near the site, the work on the building is apparently causing traffic to be blocked off from 46th Street between Eighth and Broadway on some weekends, which must piss off matinee audiences at the nearby theatres. But that's the Power of Platinum. It trumps the power of the theatre.

What They Tore Down McHale's For

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