03 March 2007

P.J. Hanley's in Transition

Thanks to A Brooklyn Life for posting the news that P.J. Hanley's, the 133-year-old Tavern on Court Street and Fourth Place, is temporarily closed. Don't know how this escaped my attention. According to responders to the item, it's being renovated to render the restaurant and bar areas into more separate entities.

Hanley's is an interesting case, since it's one of the few local Carroll Gardens (South Brooklyn, that is) landmarks that harkens back to the once-huge, local Norwegian population in the area. The bar was founded by a Norwegian gentlemen. It went the Irish pub way in 1898 after Jack Ryan bought it. He ran it for 60 years. Mr. P.J. Hanley entered the picture in 1956, and he sold it to his two nieces in the mid-90s.

These days, it's known more for the Yuppie lunch crowd. Which may be why the bar folks want a little alone time to themselves.

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