20 March 2007

Di Fara's Still Not Open

Di Fara's pizzeria remains closed today, despite owner Dom DeMarco's voiced hopes that he would reopen this Tuesday. A man on the phone said the reopening would likely take place on "Friday or Saturday." Very likely, Dom is patiently waiting for some joker from the Department of Health to take the time to show up and survey the place out again.

One whole week without Di Fara's pizza. I ask you: Is that right? Life in New York is hard enough. Must it be temporarily diminished in this way, so that a DOH jackass can fill his weekly quota?

The reign of terror continues. According to the New York Post, Brasserie LCB, which lives in the space one graced by La Cote Basque, is the latest victim. If the French aren't safe from this sort of treatment, who is?

UPDATE (7 PM March 20): Since posting this, the sobering facts of Di Fara's DOH report have gotten wide circulation through Gawker. Obviously, it wasn't a just a "few little things" like Dom wearing a hat that got him closed. Forgive me for not providing a link to the report. I can't take any glee in this. Particularly since Dom's daughter Margie De Marco has decided not to reopen her De Marco's pizzeria on E. Houston Street in the wake of last week's rampage by gunman David Garman, who shot and killed a De Marco bartender and then felled two unarmed auxiliary cops before being slain himself. I still love the joint and the man and wish him a speedy opening and a fresh new broom with stiff bristles.


Robert Cashill said...

I've never been to Di Fara's, but I liked De Marco, a perfect place for a quick bite before Film Forum; a shame it's closing. That space seems cursed since Aggie's departed.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Yes. I often miss the lovely Aggie's. It's hard not to think that the unfortunate situation of last week would not have happened on Aggie's watch. She was a tough bird and took no guff.