08 March 2007

Congrats to New York's Newly Landmarked

New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission met earlier this week and crowned a few new Gotham properties landmark-worthy—news which always perks us up.

The lucky edifices included The Keller Hotel at 150 Barrow Street, 354 W. 11th Street and 159 Charles Street, all in the West Village; Sohmer & Company Piano factory of Queens; while the Commission said it would think about honoring Sunnyside Gardens, also in Queens. Let's hope they've got their thinking caps on straight when they finally decide on that last one.

To see what the Commish had to say about the buidings, click here.


Queens Crapper said...

Well isn't that great. In the meantime, this gets torn down!

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Yes, it is horrible that great Queens house is being torn down. What can I say? With Bloomberg, you win one, you lost a dozen.