02 March 2007

They Can Also Send a Phax

An endearing lulu of a misspelling graces the 41-year-old sign of Phil's Stationery on E. 47th Street in Manhattan. Seen 20 years ago, it might have drawn simply a hearty guffaw. Today, it still gets a laugh, but one laced with a touch of poignancy, since Xerox has had plenty of ups and downs in office machinery dominance. Who in the office supplies world remains proud of their ability to turn out specifically "Xerox copies"?

Phil, that's who. And it's spelled with a "Z," thank you.

1 comment:

Shaun said...

I understand that Xerox is spelled wrong with a Z at the beginning but the word Stationery is spelled correctly. Stationery refers to paper while Stationary refers to staying in one place. Hope that helps.