20 May 2009

Lost City Interview on Who Walk in Brooklyn

Brian Berger, the inventive, thoughtful, and sui generis author of the blog Who Walk in Brooklyn, recently invited me to be interviewed. I don't exactly get interviewed every day, but I must say this was without a doubt the most fanciful and unusual interrogation I've ever received, replete with questions both highly perceptive and entertainingly oddball. The man knows how to construct an entertaining talk. (This is not an easy task, mind you. I've conducted hundreds of interviews in my day, and rendering them into good reading is often heavy labor.)

If you have a spare half hour, here's the link. Brian has also accompanied the Q&A with several engrossing videos, photos and documents.

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Carol Gardens said...

Another interesting building that HAS been turned into ritzy condos is 157 Hudson Street. It was a stable for the early American Express Company and later on it became the AREA nightclub, where I mis-spent a bit of my art school youth.