21 June 2009

A Belated Mourning

My apologies to Frank's Fish Market of Washington Heights. It deserved far better than to be mourned a full six months after it closed up shop. But I did not know.

Frank's was on Broadway between 179th and 180th. It served Washington Heights for more than 70 years, offering fair prices of fresh fish and seafood in a clean environment. A small storefront, partially obscured by a tree, it also boasted some bee-OO-tiful signage, which remains.

Hedge fund king Glenn Dubin—as recently as last September one of the richest Americans and worth $1.3 billion (no idea what his status is now)—scaled fish here as a youth, for what it's worth. Married a former Miss Sweden and bought Jackie Kennedy's former Fifth Avenue pad. I wonder: has he heard about Frank's?

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enodo said...

Any idea why it closed?