01 June 2009

Two Interpretations on "Disgraceful" By Mayor Bloomberg

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has strong ideas on what is "disgraceful" or "a disgrace." But they don't necessarily jibe from one year to the next.

His words from Nov. 22, 2005, shortly after he was reelected:

“The public wants term limits and while there may be — it may be that the City Council has a right to override them, deliberately saying to the public ‘we don’t care what you think’ is, I would use the word 'disgraceful.'"

Fast-forward nearly four years, to May 28, 2009. Bloomberg calls reporter Azi Paybarah "a disgrace" for asking him if, in the light of the "improved" economy, he should readjust his rationale for running for a third term.

Seems to be that, to Mike, "disgraceful" is a relative term. Except when applied to people who disagree with him—they're always disgraceful.

(Thanks to Queens Crap for the image.)

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