02 June 2009

Manny's Long Death Scene Comes to an End

Last weekend was blacker than I knew.

Arnold Hatters threw in the top hat after 83 years. And, on Sunday, after much press coverage, Manny's music store on 48th Street gave up the ghost.

Not much left to say about this one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable store. Read all about its great history and sad fate here and here and here and here.

It will become another Sam Ash store.

Oh, the New York Times finally covered the story. On June 1. The day after the place closed. Thanks a lot, Grey Lady. Too little, too late.


Ken Mac said...


Rebecca Wilson said...

Well, employees know that Manny's has, in actuality, been a Sam Ash store for quite a few years now. They're finally getting around to changing the sign.

enodo said...

So it seemed this had nothing to do with the landlord. I ask this with full diffidence - if Manny's is beloved, why did Sam Ash think it would do better as another Sam Ash store rather than keeping it as Manny's?

hollarback said...

Oh god that is sad.

I check in on your blog every now and then. I have been out of NY for over a decade now but come back to visit family once or twice a year. Every year more of the place I knew and love(d) disappears and becomes a little more like a bland mini mall in NJ.

This is a crying shame.