16 June 2009

Cryptic Message from Calexico

Waiting for Calexico to open in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, has been more of a Godotian affair than anyone might have suspected back in September 2008, when the owners of the popular Mexican food trucks said they'd be ready to go in a month. But while we're waiting, we can all ponder the mysterious message in cutlery left outside the eatery's future Union Street home yesterday. "THANKS," spelled out in knifes and forks. Underneath this, in marker, is the addendum "So Free It Hurts."

Uh. It could mean...well, perhaps it's... Oh, just open already.

1 comment:

Carol Gardens said...

Last weekend they were working on the place and said it would be open "in a week". That would have been Sunday. So MAYBE real soon?