10 June 2009

Remember Florsheim to Herald Square

For decades, Florsheim Shoes had a big, uh, foothold just north of Herald Square. The chain—recently back in the hands of the actual Florsheim family, since 2002—lost the lease on that landmark store. The branch shut down last November.

You can say your last goodbyes just now. The letters "Florsheim Shoes" have been taken down, but can see the outlines of where the letters once were, plus some curious holes here and there. It was a big sign. Some of the letters are as tall as people. Imagine a New York where a mere shoe store had such a street presence.


Dan said...

The holes most likely anchored the lettering. bingellb

JB said...

funny, i just noticed this last week. felt odd not seeing the big sign. made me feel a bit old...NYC, she is a changin.

bigmissfrenchie said...

So sad. I remember buying shoes there once, about 15 years ago. The gentleman who waited on me was so courteous and provided such wnderful service. I remember thinking even then how that sort of service was such a bygone thing...I guess it really is now.