17 June 2009

Cobble Hill Resident Seriously Wants You to Curb Your Dob

These are just a sampling of the handmade signs that can now be found outside a house on Kane Street in Cobble Hill. Some are tied to a tree with string and packing tape. The question is: What degrades one's property more—dog feces or excessive ugly signage?


None said...

As a former resident of the tree lined streets of Brooklyn, I give all my support to such homemade signs. They are neither excessive or ugly. Would you enjoy stepping out of your home onto the street and be immediately confronted with a steaming pile of dog feces or fresh urine? I thought not.

GowanusGuy said...

As unsightly as these signs are, they are sadly necessary. When will owners realize that their cute and fluffy dog's urine is poison? It kills most plants, and corrodes nearly everything else it comes in contact with?

Dog owners have been allowing their dogs to murder - yes, that's right, I used the word 'murder' - the flowers and the grass in front of my place for years. Unfortunately no amount of fencing or signage does much good.