12 June 2009

It's Official: Bloomberg Insane; Wants to Destroy New York

Want to know what Mike Bloomberg has in mind for New York for the next four years, should he be elected to a third term? Well, here you go. You're gonna love it!

New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) has unveiled its Recover NYC Program, which will basically hand over those parts of the city that haven't yet been raped by overbuilding to big-money developers in sweetheart deals. The program will provide "financial assistance to private-sector for-profit companies seeking lower-cost financing for shovel-ready construction projects. Available assistance is mainly in the form of access to triple tax-exempt bond financing authorized under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009." This was announced June 10.

Bloomberg, the man who's supposedly going to get us through this economic crisis, is still a one-trick pony when it comes to ideas. Pressed to think of new ways to generate employment and industry, he can only think of the same one he leaned on heavily during his first two, disastrous terms: unheeded development. And he wants to use Federal Stimulus money to do it, made available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Let's read more: "Private sector, for profit companies with projects located in NYC Recovery Zones seeking to acquire, construct, renovate or equip facilities within New York City that will result in a positive economic impact. Commercial, industrial, manufacturing and retail projects requiring between $20 million and $100 million are all eligible to apply for consideration."

Whoa. Wait a minute. "NYC Recovery Zones." What's that? Well, it's almost none of Manhattan (which Bloomie thinks is just fine as is, except for the northern third, and Chinatown, where all those minorities live; he likes most of Staten Island, too), and almost all of Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx, which, in Mike's eyes, are junkheap, slum boroughs in desperate need of crappy housing complexes. Big surprise there: Bloomberg has never given a damn about the outer boroughs. Just rip 'em up, boys!

You can see the map for Queens above. The orange parts are open season for developers. The Brooklyn and Bronx maps are even more orangey. Brooklyn neighborhoods that are considered almost completely "distressed": Greenpoint, Bed-Stuy, Flatbush, Williamsburg, Red Hook, Kensington, Borough Park, Ditmas Park, Sunset Park, Coney Island, Gravesend. (Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Park Slope, Carroll Gardens: you're safe)

As for The Bronx, all of it is pretty fucked-up in City Hall's opinion, except for City Island, Stuyten Duyvil and Riverdale.

This is a rush job, by the way (so the community doesn't get in the way, you see). The first round of applications is due on July 13. "Staff will evaluate applications received and selected respondents will be required to submit all additional application materials by July 25. Respondents with the most favorable and complete applications will commence the public review process and be presented for Board approval in the fall. A second round of applications will be accepted on October 12, 2009 for Board presentation of successful applications anticipated in December."

So he can ram it all through even if he DOESN'T get elected.


Anonymous said...

Funny how the word recovery has come
to mean destroy.

Anonymous said...

Brooks ,
Actually all they have to do which
would also save a lot of money as well to change a neighborhood drastically is to put a few art galleries in there,the rest of the
elite will follow.

Anonymous said...

I love how there is a jump to conclusions here. So idenitfying areas that he feels needs capital investment = destroy the neighborhood. Like they are going to bulldoze all the buildings in the neighborhood and replace them with high-rise Upper East side-like condos. I understand the need to hate bloomberg but seriously, the title of this post shows that you are no worse than FOX News.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Have you seen what happens to the intrinsic character of a New York neighborhood when Bloomberg enleashed "capital investment"? They actually do bullboze old building and replace them with condo towers. Have you been paying attention the past eight years? Also, there's the other outrage of this plan, that rich developers should get monetary breaks from the federal government so they can line their pockets.

Hey, guys, how about some non-Anonymous comments on this post?

Unknown said...

I'm sorry that the only responses you've gotten were from ignorant, asshat Bloomdork supporters. I live in NYC and when he was mayor - he fucked shit up -from health care to apartments - for hard working men and women as well as those getting on their feet and raising families. He had something asinine to say about schools - well Mr. Asshole Billionare , 90% of us cannot afford cushiony private schools, limos with chauffeurs, helicopters, maids for our kids as much as we wish we could.

That egomaniacal Bloomass hates all who doesn't have his income or even half of it, he made homelessness worse while bragging about how they're not human that deserves to be in the streets. Bloomtard added to the gentrification of historical areas in Brooklyn and Harlem.

He wouldn't dare touch The Bronx, Staten Island or Queens because our borough representatives and residents wasn't having it. DeBlasio had to fix Bloomfuck's screw ups....still fixing them.

I'm glad his bitch ass isn't mayor anymore. Good mother fucking riddance to that corrupt douchewaffle.