24 June 2009

Play Bloomberg-opoly! (We're All Forced To, Anyway, Right?)

The Angry New Yorker blog has come up with perfect board game for our time. It's frustrating! It's hilarious! It's all true! It's Bloomberg-opoly!!!

Of course, King Bloomberg is the guy in the tux and top hat. And it's his board, baby! You just play on it. Boardwalk and Park Place? They're the new Yankees and Mets stadiums, and you have to pay plenty in taxpayer money if you land on them. (Between them, taking the place of the luxury tax, is Bloomie's failed Olympic bid.)

Community Chest is now the City Council Slush Fund. Chance is now "Rezone?" The green squares are a series of failed developments: Coney Island, West Side Yard and Atlantic Yards. Only developers are allowed to land on the yellow space labeled "eminent domain."

Any, of course, Free Parking is now Free Ride, as in Term Limit Extension.

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