14 June 2009

Timboo's Gets a New Sign

I never thought I'd see it happen.

Timboo's, one of the most untouched of Brooklyn dives, has gone in for a new sign. I'm guessing its the facade's first update since the joint opened on Park Slope's Fifth Avenue in 1969.

I can't imagine what made the owners splurge for the new signage. I doubt the drunks inside where complaining about how the distressed storefront reflected on their image.

I have to hand it to the owner for doing his best to duplicate the original look (seen below, in a picture taken in January). He stayed with black. He stayed with shiny. He went for black on the cloth awning, too, instead of the previous burgundy color.

He also kept the basic design: "Bar" in block letters on either side of a cursive "Timboo's," and everything framed by two illustrations of Champagne glasses (a beverage nobody inside ever drinks). But the new lettering is much cleaner and more clinical, and one can't help but miss the more hand-painted feeling of the first sign.

Nothing else about the bar appears to have changed.


Anonymous said...

New sign looks like it
was printed from adobe photoshop.
I guess now they wish to have
tired old eyes see the larger

akuban said...

I liked the old sign more.

Unknown said...

It's owned by the daughters now... or perhaps co-owned. The owners now live in Fl half the year.

I went to school with their kids.