12 June 2009

Quite a Footprint

Time to check in with the various unpopular mega-developments around Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill and see how the grandiose plans are faring with the Great Recession.

Billy Stein's hugely hated 360 Smith, which has blighted the Carroll Street subway station for nearly a year? Crickets.

The Clarett's Group's giant black mausoleum on Court Street, crowned "The Collection"? Tumbleweeds.

The L&M Equities development between Hicks and Columbia, near LICH? Well, this is actually the only major construction site in the area that's showing activity. Workers have been very busy for some time and the planned 150-odd units of new housing should be here before we know it, casting a big ol' shadow on the area. I don't think people realize just how hefty this big boy will be. Look at the size of that footprint! It's going to go up six stories, baby, straight up from the sidewalk.

The other properties that were torn down around the same time as this one—75 Columbia Street and 86-98 Congress Street—are still pretty quiet. That's all right. More time to enjoy this old Wrigley's gum add that was uncovered on Warren Street.

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