15 June 2009

Some Stuff That's Interesting

Forgotten New York has posted a survey of Brooklyn's Court Street which cites yours truly not once, but twice. (Not that that's the reason we love it; we love it anyway.)

The New York Times' incomparable Christopher Gray finds some "automobile houses" of New York's bygone millionaires hiding in plain sight. [NY Times]

Christian Albin, the executive chef of the timeless Four Seasons restaurant, died on Saturday at a Manhattan hospital. He was 61, and had worked at the Four Seasons since 1973. [NY Times]

Another Virgin Megastore dies in Manhattan. [EV Grieve]

A long-gone Bavarian restaurant in Yorkville that I never heard of before. [Ephemeral New York]

Freaky images of building facades. Cooooool. [Restless]


Brooklynbee said...

Speaking of Court Street, I wonder if any old-time Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens residents can answer a burning question of mine. For the past 8 years or so, I've enjoyed the Cobble Hill Cinema's opening intro (complete with catchy music and lasers and pinballs graphics) - it looks like it was made in about 1982 except for the fact that it says "please turn off pagers and cell phones" - I wonder if they just added that part at a later date? I do so love the intro and hope they never change it!

Robert Cashill said...

Both Virgin Megastores are gone now. An end to an era. Apparently the Times Square one is becoming some sort of godawful clothier; the closing of the Union Square one means that entire chunk of 14th Street is now as empty as the city streets in I Am Legend. To think of how robust it was when it opened circa 1998...