24 June 2009

Gino Makes a Change

Gino, the age-old red sauce joint on upper Lex, is one of those places that doesn't accept credit cards—even though a meal there will probably cost you $60.

But, perhaps feeling the pinch of the times, that has changes. The NY Post reports will begin Gino accepting credit cards.

"Times change," said co-owner Michael Miele. "You have to go forward. Especially the younger generation, they don't carry cash."

Then there's this priceless exchange:

Still, a sense of possibility hangs in the air. [Patron Michael] Barlerin turns to bartender Bruno Blazina.

"The next question I'm going to have is, 'When are you going to start serving [food] at the bar?' "

"That will never happen," responds Blazina.

"Credit cards were never going to happen, Bruno."


EV Grieve said...

I appreciate that Gino adheres to tradition...the credit card thing doesn't bother me... As long as they never get rid of the phone booth by the bar!

Unlisted said...

Dominick's on Arthur Avenue is still cash ... or was when I was last there. Going to have to go back and check!

Anonymous said...

Todaro Brother's is an older Italian foods deli on 29th street and Second avenue in Manhattan they also had to give in to the cash is not king anymore idea to stay alive.

They now(happily?) take Credit cards.