30 June 2009

Have Your Next Party at Club B66

I find this Bensonhurst club at 6612 New Utrecht Avenue hilarious. As far as I can tell, it's named after a bus line. It's in the middle of an industrial wasteland, and absolutely nondescript in appearance.

It is advertised as "a unique nightclub located in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Whether you are looking for a place to host your next Birthday/Baby Shower/Sweet 16/and more.. or you are just looking for a place to party all night with your friends come on over to B66 Club. With the sexiest European bartenders in all of NY, and the wildest crowd, we will definitely make it one night you will never forget!"

Some of those sexy European bartenders can be seen below.


JaneDoe said...

The sign behind the two Russian hookers, er, I mean the two Euro bartenders reads: the most Eurostyle club in NYC

Brooks of Sheffield said...

I didn't even notice that!

Margaret's dad said...

Sorry, Brooks, but the humor is lost on me here. What exactly is "hilarious" about this place? This looks like one of the hundreds of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants in the outer neighborhoods of Brooklyn (Brighton Beach, Bensonhurst, Sheepshead Bay, and Bay Ridge, among others) that cater to these neighborhoods' large populations of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Granted, these kinds of places don't exist within your Park Slope/Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill orbit, but they're very much part of Brooklyn, and they're very popular where they exist.

By the way, Mr. Brooklyn, there is no B66 bus. Not to be too obvious, but the club's name probably comes from its location in Bensonhurst (which starts with a "B"), near 66th Street.

And I do think those bartenders are pretty darned sexy.

So, what's got you in stitches about this place? Are immigrants that funny? You sound like a snob.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Margaret's Dad: There used to be a B66 bus. It's been discontinued. But you may be right about the name.

Why funny? Well, it's a night club. You'd think they'd want to make it look somewhat alluring to the night crowd, instead of resembling a beer distributor's warehouse or an auto body shop. And the location is just in the middle of nowhere.

That there are other clubs like this, I have no doubt. I think they're kinda strange, too.

Anyway, good luck with your new nightclub!

Anonymous said...

well, have you ever been on the inside? cause i could send you some pics if you want. seriously, were you born this way critizing everything about evryone? really. the club is awesome, and its cheap, and about the bartenders, your just jelous cause there prettier than you.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

really, BURN? Do they spell as well as you, too?

And, yes, I was born like this. You should have heard the way I criticized my crib and pacifier.