18 February 2008

Beautiful Coney Island Sign Wiped Out

What really gets to us preservation-minded folks is not so much the intentional ruination of our City's culture by the real estate interests, but the frequent occasions in which great old things are just randomly, stupidly, thoughtlessly obliterated.

The Coney Island B&B Carousel sign is a particularly egregious case in point. The carousel itself isn't there anymore, but it's in the process of being restored. The old sign advertising the attraction has remained, meanwhile, a happy reminder of fun days gone by. Well, no more. Gowanus Lounge reports that some idiot steamrolled over the sign with a paint roller, rendering the entire surface the most putrid shade of tan. What a profane piece of rank vandalism! That sign was one of the few things left on Surf Avenue worth setting your eyes on.

(Thanks to Captain Nemo for the pictures.)

1 comment:

The Phantom said...

Oh man.

I've seen that sign a million times. Sorry to see it go.