10 February 2008

A Good Sign: Lafayette Grocery and Dairy

One more sign from Fort Greene. This corner shop, on Lafayette, states its case very firmly and clearly.

These sort of black and white signs, with the block, stick-em-on letters always seem to be accompanied by round, red Coca-Cola signs. I wonder if, back in the day, Coke provided them free of charge to shops in exchange for the advertising.


Lidian said...

That is an excellent sign. Some of my family, actually quite a lot of them, lived in Fort Greene in the mid-19th century, some on Lafayette, so I was especially interested to see this.

I like the phrase Grocery and Dairy' too - as if they had a few cows lined up round the back in the alley.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon this and got to say this Grocery and Dairy while upon appearances inside is your run of the mill corner deli it has a) a great sign and b) some of the nicest corner deli workers (owners?) around. Much props to them for being people who care greatly for their regular customers. (Makes me miss my old deli and local boys on Columbia St.)