12 February 2008

Stop Me Before I Predict Again!

We over here at Lost City are feeling a little wigged out right now. Our intention with this blog was always to cry out against the real and potential losses of crucial aspects and addresses of the New York City landscape. But we never intended to become some kind of Cassandra, predicting cultural deaths before they occur.

But that's what seems to be happening. Last year, I wondered aloud how long an antiquated business like G&D Television Repair could last. By December it has closed. In December, I warned that St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Woodside, Queens, ought to be landmarked before it fell to ruin. A few days later, it was gutted by a horrible fire. Also in December, I remarked that the landmark-district building 149 Kane Street was in such poor shape it was in danger of falling down. Yesterday, it all but did, and is on the verge of being condemned.

It's enough to give a guy a blogging block. But, wait, maybe I can use my new powers for good! Worth a try. Let's see...I have a strong feeling that, if nobody does anything the prevent it, Chumley's in danger of reopening by the end of the week.

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Anonymous said...

I fear Emma of the Long Island Restaurant won't be returning from Spain to re-open either. And then where will go for Girl Scout cookies, or a plate of meatloaf and two vegetables and a bottle of Rolling Rock when the wife and son are out of town?