15 February 2008

More Images of What Was Tin Pan Alley

I didn't expect folks to be so interested in the sad midtown block that used to be Tin Pan Alley. Just goes to show, you never know. Anyway, here a few more images of the doors that once led to the more powerful and popular (and historically influential) music publishers in the world.

No. 51 is where Paul Dresser Publishing was. No. 49 is where M. Witmark & Songs was located.


Marco said...

I didn't know exactly where Tin Pan Alley was, so thank you. The music that came from that street is part of the backbone of American classic popular music. People are still recording these gems. It's very important culturally, but you would never know it by walking down the street.

Paul Dresser said...

The Song "Tin Pan Alley" by Paul Dresser will be available for free at jacklondonsong.com in late Feb. 2009. Tin Pan Alley will live again.