12 February 2008

A Good Sign: La-Rosa Cubana Cigars

Signs, actually. Count how many times they say "Hand made cigars."

The wonderful La-Rosa has been in a second floor space on Sixth Avenue near 31st since 1958. Most of their ciggies are made with Dominican leaf. I'm guessing the store got its name (and keeps it) because it began when relations between the U.S. and Cuba were still cordial.

To me this window-front is pure New York and what the City should look like. Take note, Bloomie. Subways and Cemusa do not look like New York.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Brooks, have you seen the florist not that far from this location?

Brooks of Sheffield said...

No I haven't. It is special in some way?

Lidian said...

I think I remember that sign from when I was little (in the mid-1960s) - it really rings a bell for me. Not the Delacorte Clock bell though, I hated that one, it was like the sound of doom.

I agree, this is what NYC is all about- or should be.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

I see you have a serious New York background, Lidian.