08 February 2008

What You'll Hear in the Bathroom at the Four Seasons

A different class of people than you and me relieve themselves in the men's bathroom at The Four Seasons restaurant. During a recent visit to the landmark power-lunch mecca, this is what I overheard while washing my hands:

Old Man in Dark Suit: Lovely party the other night.
Older Man in Dark Suit: Thank you. We were glad you could make it.
Old Man: Thanks for having us.
Older Man: I was as Punch Sulzberger's 82nd birthday party last night.
Old Man: Were you? How was it? I know it's been hard.
Older Man: Oh, it was great. He's doing fine.
Old Man: Is he? I must go see him.
Older Man: You should. Give him a call. Wish him a happy 82!
Old Man: I'll do. I'll do.

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