07 February 2008

Some Stuff That's Frustrating

That Karl Fischer building on Luquer Street that I've hated since I saw the rendering keeps getting bigger.

Schnack is closing and we ain't surprised. I'm not happy about it, but the place has been deserted of customers for months, and any restaurant that loses its liquor license and doesn't seem to mind isn't going to last long. Another bad sign for rosy future predicted for Red Hook simply isn't gonna happen.

Kellogg's Diner, which to me has always said "unironic Williamsburg," is soon to be defiled.


Morgan said...

Hey there Brooks - This comment doesn't have anything to do with the post to which it is attached, but I have a suggestion of a place for you to check out for Lost City. You may have been here once or twice...but it's my place of work - New Dramatists on West 44th between 9th and 10th, right over by Poseidon Bakery. With your love of historic buildings and old architecture - and leaving them be - how 'bout coming to get a personal tour of a 100-year old Lutheran Church in Hell's Kitchen that for 30 years has been a home playwrights? We even have pictures on display from the Depression-era when the building was a soup-kitchen and clothing exchange which I think you'd love to see...I'd be happy to show you around myself...

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Hi, Morgan and Heather. Would love to take a tour. A lapsed Lutheran like myself couldn't possibly pass it up. Just use the "Contact Me" link for a more private exchange and we'll figure something out.