20 February 2008

Shining the Greasy Spoon

Paid a call on the Edison Cafe—aka The Polish Tea Room—for the usual bowl of matzo ball soup, and noticed a brighter, cleaner vibe to the whole place. Sure enough, the diner is in the midst of a paint job. The peach-pink walls have been replaced by a calmer, soothing, creamy tan. The intricate scroll work has been kept white. It looks like the painters paid a great deal of attention to detail and I applaud their work. The place looks swell and hasn't lost an ounce of its character.

The day I visited, the lunch traffic was brisk. I mean the place was packed. No wonder, since there is virtually nowhere else to go in the neighborhood for a good, cheap lunch anymore.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

While I'm glad that they left the white detailing, I, for one, will miss the pink. It was so delightfully eccentric!