14 February 2008

Second News Cycle on Rat-Squirrel House Begins

It happened again. I was walking by the forlorn, cordoned-off Rat Squirrel house on Kane Street in Cobble Hill and institutional folks were on the premises conducting official business. Somebody up there wants me to record the sad demise of this landmarked edifice.

This time is was a member of the media—a cameraman for NY1, who said a story on the house would be seen on the channel next week. He still had some legwork to do and, no, he had not talked to the woman who lives inside. Can it be long before the Dailies cover the story?

As for the owner, she'll have to leave her crumbling red-brick bungalow soon. The Department of Building slapped a "Vacate" notice on the door. I learned more of the building's sad history from locals. It has long had a serious termite problem, one so bad that the bugs spread the walls and beams of the building to the left. No wonder the thing's falling down; it's eaten out inside.


nickyjett said...

The power of your pen is amazing!I hope the NY 1 assignment editor gives you the credit! I don't think the media uncovered the "squirrel-rat" house story on their own. Shoot, I'm here in Chicago-Metro and you called my attention to it. If you see a lot of squirrels in the footage then it's your story lol

Donna Lethal said...

This is fascinating! I know, I'm in LA (a transplanted NYer) and I'm riveted.

Anonymous said...


Brooks of Sheffield said...

If anyone can get me a link to the above, much appreciated. I don't get cable.